As you can see it has been awhile since I last blogged. Sorry for the absence but work has been hellacious lately. Anyway, here is the backlogged content and links that I’ve been collecting lately.

Movies & TV

  • MSNBC:’Ally McBeal’ to end Fox run
  • Well I bought a VCR a few weeks ago and have been watching more movies than I ought to. Here are my notes on two of my recent purchases and rentals… (I’ll add more later)
    • Dazed and Confused – Ok, I’ve seen this one about 20 times, but when I saw it for sale I had to buy. This is a classic film shot in Austin, directed by Richard Linklater (maker of Slacker and the new movie that I can’t remember the title of.
    • Traffic – Incredible movie. A brutally realistic view of the effects of drugs and the drug war. Very fair-handed in showing that the bad guys in both the drug trafficing and law enforcement camps. I also was amazed that they got Oklahoma Senator Don Nickles to appear in the movie!