Well we had the big auction at the farm last weekend. Here are some pictures from the event…

The turnout was good for the auction with folks coming from as far away as Durant, OK and Wichita Falls, TX (I counted at least 100 in attendance.) As you can see this photo and the next one, we had cars (really mostly pickups) parked all up and down the Old Ozark Trail.

We started letting folks come in around 8 to look around at the stuff being sold.

Here’s a good shot of everything lined up for the sale (with my part of my garden and a tree I planted in the foreground)

Here’s some more stuff that was sold

As far as the big items, we sold my grandpa’s 2 International Harvester tractors, the old combine, lots of farm and gardening equipment, a 1960-ish Chevy Grain Truck, a 1951 Ford F-6 Truck, a 1950ish Farmall H Tractor, two pickups, a car, and other stuff.

Here’s the 1960-ish Chevy Grain Truck

Here are one of two trailers that had sundry tools that were sold in the auction

Here’s the other trailer

These are my grandpa’s old tanks for gas and diesel that were sold. (I remember as a kid playing by these as it was always shady under those trees in the summer.)

Here’s a shot of the auction in progress. It was conducted by the Bridges Auction Company of Elgin, OK. For any of you who’ve never been to a farm sale before, the way they did the sale was with the auctioneer auctioneering (not sure if there is a better verb to use) via loudspeaker from inside the camper on the back of the truck.

The big advantage of course of using the truck is it enables them to move the auctioneer from vehicle to vehicle (or piece of equipment).

Here’s my Mom at the auction with my grandpa’s old truck that she bought.

Here’s a picture of my Dad at the sale.

The last few pictures are of my big purchases. The first item I was really nervous about it. It was my grandpa’s old 1951 Ford F-6 truck. As a kid I always played in it (My grandpa quit using it long before I was born) and always dreamed of fixing it. I even asked my grandpa if I could have it if I fixed it. He laughed and said “sure.”

Well anyway, I wanted to buy the truck, but was scared to death that a classic car collector would show up and bid more than I could afford for it.

Thankfully, God answered my prayers (woohoo!) and got it for $100!

(click on this picture for a bigger version of it)

My other big purchase at the sale was my grandpa’s old Farmall-H Tractor. (I think was built in the 1950’s.) I waited for the bidding to go down to $100. Then someone else outbid me to 125, so I bid $150 and that’s where it ended.

Not sure my plans for the truck and tractor are. I would like to tow the truck under one of the barns at the farm, take it apart and restore it, but that’ll take a few years most likely. As to the tractor, I’m thinking of selling it on Ebay. I hate to sell it but I think I would probably be smart to focus any attempts at restoration on the truck.