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    I’ve been giving my earlier review of Fight Club some more thought. There is one thing I did not mention that I should have in the review…

    What I found most offensive about Fight Club was how human beings are portrayed. There is nothing ennobling about humans in this movie. Man is shown to be an animalistic fighting machine with no heart and nobility, and woman is shown to be nothing more than a sexual object who is shown pity from time to time.

    Man and woman are so much more than this. Human beings are made in the Image of God and contrary to Durgin are special. Each of us is unique and intricate and beautiful.

    I will say this about Fight Club. The one good thing about it is that it has made me see the clear contrast between the nobility of being a man made in God’s Image and the degrade state of being a man who has renounced his noblity.

    Which while I’m on the subject of nobility… if you have a chance look for the May/June issue of HM Magazine. This theme was explored in depth by my friend Jason Dodd. I forgot the title of the story (I’ll post it here later.), but he makes the point that the essential element of redeemed humanity is nobility.