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    Continuing on my reviews of videos watched lately…

  • Fight Club – A disturbing movie. Elements of it were compelling (most notably Edward Norton’s acting) but overall it was really dumb idea masked behind what seems on first glance to be new insights on social psychology.

    Here are my objections to it…

    1. Its portrayal of men

    First, are men really so oppressed by our society? I don’t think so. Certainly there are some men who have identity issues (or maybe we all do) but the answer is not beating the living daylights out of strangers. The answer is true masculinity as shown by true men, most notably Christ.

    Sure, men need challanges to be happy. Men judge themselves by what they do (a gross generalization I know, but I’ll go with it anyway as I think there’s more truth to it than not). Maybe a good fight might provide some feelings of self-worth, but it is a very false impression.

    2. The pornographic nature of the violence

    I say pornographic in that the violence was often not contextual, not artistic, and served no purpose but appealing to the lowest common denominator.

    I’ve seen movies that were extremely violent (I.e. The Matrix) that did not offend me, BUT those movies had a strong sense of some kind of morality to the violence, or in other words a reason that the heroes used violence.

    I didn’t see that in Fight Club. It was simply violence for the sake of violence. I find that extremely offensive.

    3. The mysogeny

    I was repulsed by the msyoginist views of the movie. I’m not offended by the portrayal of kinky sex per say, but I was bothered by the way it showed the relationship between the guy and the girl, especially he told her to “shut up” when they were engaging in sex acts. I was also disturbed that the new “revolution” was a purely male endeavor which seemed to imply that the women were simply a means to gratification at best. I also want to know what in the h**l was that 1/2 sec. porno clip of frontal nudity at the end of the movie?! What was that? It was not contextual in any way to the plot of the movie and seemed to be there purely to offend any female members of the audience who haven’t walked out yet.

    4. The Big Picture

    The movie seemed to advance the idea that an anarchist descruction of our debt-based society was a good thing, and that the main character was ok now that he had his evil personality killed, even though the entire financial world was being destroyed.

    I (likely more than most folks) hate credit card companies that enslave people in debt, and would love to see the day when corporate America doesn’t destroy peoples lives like they do today.

    However, the answer is not violence. The answer is acting in a civil society through laws. Like it or not, even the evil institutions of credit card companies employ real human beings. These are people who are made in the image of God. They are not expendable for “project Mayhem” and contrary to what the movie portrayed there is always collateral damage (aka civilian casualities).

    For all of these reasons, I wholeheartedly denounce Fight Club. It is one of the worst movies I have seen in my life.