Ok, I lied. I’ll do headlines sometimes. When I feel like it.

  • The Psalters – If you’re going to be @ C-stone, you gotta be there.

    BTW, their website is better than crack. Here’s one choice excerpt…

      Covey© training© morning® seminar©®™

      yes the kettle is on the stove and the water is boiling. Stick your face up close, don’t be shy, breathe the steam sick child…. blow that snot out your nose and neck, clear the chasms, loosen the lungs —you got some yellin to do you’re a psalter and spring is coming.

      So grab that kettle, throw the boiling water out on that greasy floor before you, mop the path straight to your door and with kettle still in hand WALK!!! OUT SIDE!!! nomadic troubadour cry out with clangin kettle , sweepin safety-first salesmen aside with that mcworld maulin muddywater mop puny pilgrim go proclaim with due fear and trembling:

      “coffee aint enough for the comin mourning you cluster bombin, video gamin, bling bling baggin, black gold lobbyin, mega mart mackin, propaganda pimpin, lazy ass lollygaggin sleepers! Wake up, wake up, walk with me….for the kettle is on the stove, and the water is boiling like a ‘screaming brittle siren’”

      then, after a brief respite, get off your steeples post haste, self-righteous vagabonds, and listen for a minute. We got work to do™®©