More time flies by, and few posts to this blog. Partially it is because I’m too busy to post, but mostly because I frankly haven’t been that interested in politics this week.


I don’t know. It is not like me. Part of it is that I can not maintain a perpeptual state of anger. I can vent about that “fascist John Ashcroft” or narrow-minded people like E.K. Gaylord, or even how pathetic of a President Dub-ya is shaping up to be.

But, really it seems futile. Politics, or public policy is really best decided on a local level. Certainly it is a national event if terrorists strike, but in the big picture where I shop and what I buy will influence more than whether I write a nasty letter to a politician or not.

So, this particular section of JMBzine might be on hiatus for awhile. Likely not forever, but for awhile. When I do come back, I will mostly focus on the law, as that is my profession (I’m a paralegal right now and starting law school in August). In the meantime, I think my time would be better spent in deepening my spiritual life, painting a picture, or planting some flowers.