Politics still sucks. What can I say really? Nothing really changes. It’s all a big money game.

Maybe I’m sickened by the screw the poor bill that looks like will pass in congress (a.k.a. the bankruptcy “reform” bill.”) or maybe it is the total lack of disregard of human rights (both here and abroad) by our government. In either event, it all seems very futile to me.

What really bothers me though is I have to pay for this garbage. It’s my tax dollars that are being used to oppress the poor, to pay for bombs to drop on civilians, to pay for government goons to harrass foreigners, to exploit the 3rd world, to kill the innocent who are undoubtably in line on death row, etc. Worst of all, I have to pay for Neo-McCarthyites like Ashcroft to rape our democracy.

I feel like I’m being beaten with a stick and then billed for the privilige. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

This all reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend Jason awhile back. He said that when Jesus was confronted with the issue of paying taxes to an evil corrupt government, he said “Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and to God what is God.” He then explained that Jesus wasn’t saying it was a moral obligation to pay your taxes, but rather who cares about dirty money anyway. Do what the system wants with what is theirs, but don’t give up what is truly God’s.

In a way that makes sense. I could refuse to pay taxes, but they would take the $ anyway. The only way to avoid this is to voluntarily live in extreme poverty. But what they can’t take from me is hope. Defiant hope.

They might say that the people of Afghanistan and Iraq are expendable, but I can still love them.

They might say “screw the poor” but I can combat their oppression through generosity.

They can even say some people are so evil that society must murder them, but I can still love them.

So anyway, that’s where I stand. I guess that means my temporary hiatus from political blogging continues. I frankly can’t take the angst of lamenting a dying civilization anymore. The negativity and hopelessness of it all is eating my insides up, and I hate myself for confusing hatred of evil with hatred of the people who push for evil.

Even John Ashcroft is made in God’s image. If I can’t love him, I really can’t love anyone.