• AP/Yahoo: Supreme Court Rules on Bus Searches – I had been following this case as it weaved its way through lower appellate levels and am bothered by the actions of the court in this case, and in similiar cases regarding automobile searches.

    The reality is that cops through their uniform, gun, and their image have a coercive presence. Many people, whether they are on a bus, train, or driving a car do not realize that if a cop is asking for permission to search your stuff, then he/she can’t search your stuff without your consent.

    I wish the Supreme court would have ruled otherwise, as I think it would be a strong reaffirmation of Miranda but this doesn’t change the fact that WE have the right to tell cops know when they ask to search our person and belongings if the cops don’t have probable cause.

  • NY Times: Solicitors Do Not Need Prior Permission, Court Rules