Website News:

    As you can see this blog has been slowly dying lately. Too busy with other projects, work, etc. The bad news it that it is only going to get worse, as I am starting my studies at Oklahoma City University School of Law in less than a month.

    So, it is time for a change. Here’s the battle plan..

    1. The Law/Politics blog will continue on at However, my focus will primarily be in writing for my fellow law students, and other folks interested in the law. I’ll comment on cases and issues that we talk about in class, and will probably even post my class outlines here.

    I may still talk some about politics (especially as it relates to what I’m studying), but most of my political discussion will be on the Oklahoma Green Party Discussion list instead of on this site.

    2. If I continue the culture blog, it will likely move to More likely, I will quit that blog but will continue writing about culture, music, art, etc through the reviews and articles I write @ EXITzine.

    3. Random blog will probably die unless I change my mind.

    That’s all of the news now. If you’re an old friend or just want to say howdy please email me at