Capital Punishment:

    Today, the not-so-great state of Texas executed Javier Suarez Medina, in violation of international law and the Vienna Convention of Consular Relations treaty signed by the United States. (the most recent update can be read at MSNBC

    As one might expect, Governor Rick Perry gave a half-hearted response to the cries of clemency from Mexican officals. Amazingly enough, Perry managed to be both insulting (by saying that he respects the sovreignty of Mexico, when in fact his actions say the exact opposite message) and inaccurate (in saying that US law backs this action up, when in fact the US is a signator to the treaty) in his statement.

    I for one hopes that President Vicente Fox punishes Texas for this by stopping the planned visit to Texas and refusing to cooperate Texas law enforcement in cross-border activities. Fox should know how little respect Texas has for his nation, why should Mexico show respect for Texas?

    By the way, the next time that Dubya or his brother try to tell you that they care about hispanics, don’t believe it. This latest action proves once again that the Republican party is not the party of minorities.

    Oh and I should add the US Supreme Court shares blame here too. They should have stopped this exection.