Oklahoma History:

    Tonight I did a search for articles on my favorite Oklahoma Governor, Alfalfa Bill Murray. Here are a few that I found most interesting:

  • Handbook of Texas: MURRAY, WILLIAM HENRY DAVID — A great summary biography of his life. Some of the interesting details from this article were:
    • He was born in Toadsuck, Texas

    • He was a Campbellite (aka the “Restoration Movement” which the modern day Churches of Christ, Christian Church, and Disciples of Christ denominations were birthed from)

    • He was a member of the Texas bar before coming to Oklahoma.
  • Prominent Oklahoma People (scroll down to read the info on Alfalfa Bill) — What was noteworthy in this story was:
    • “He called out the national guard 27 times and declared martial law 34 times. ”

    • He “called out the National Guard against Texas in the ‘Toll Bridge War,’ July, 1931, to reopen an Oklahoma-constructed free bridge across the Red River which had been closed by the Texas governor.”
  • US Congressional Biography of Alfalfa Bill – Read this! Very detailed listing of his many accomplishments in public service.

    I’ll post more links here later, but I do plan to talk more about him in the future here. Overall, despite some very dark spots which have to seen through the rubrick of his times (his support for racial segregation in early Oklahoma) I think Alfalfa Bill Murray was an incredible governor who had a very good vision, that of Oklahoma as an Agrarian and Populist society that kept the rich fat cats in their place.

    I wish we had an Alfalfa Bill in the race this year. We need someone with his vision and charisma who will stand up for the little guy against the Gaylord machine.