Politics and Policies

  • I did a Google search for Con-agra (the corporate food concern that I talked about previously on JMBzine.com and guess what I found out. . .

    They have created a nifty little site called HomeFoodSafety.org. Isn’t this interesting???

    The company that sells us e-coli tainted meat and refuses to cooperate with Oklahoma health officials, is going to tell us about food safety?!

    This is funny enough to be on The Onion, except that it is as real as a heart attack.

    What is even more disturbing is this little trademark that this website went out of their way to register “Home Food Safety, It’s in your hands.”

    What is so bothersome about this you may ask?

    Simple.. they are dodging responsibility for selling us tainted meat. Instead of them taking responsibility to those who will get sick or even die because of their products, they want to make it the consumers’ fault for not cooking meat properly.

    Certainly proper food preparation is important, but it’s even more important that the food isn’t spoiled to begin with.

    I for one, say boycott corporate beef. Buy your beef from a local rancher. (If you’re in Oklahoma, check out Oklahomafood.org for information on local suppliers of beef.