Law School Update:

    Well my first week of L-school is almost half way over. No doubt about it, it is an adventure.

    Here are a few observations on the experience thus far:

    • The work load is intense but very possible. It does seem more like a marathon than a sprint.
    • Torts is an amazing class!
    • My professors are an interesting mix. I won’t name any names, but thus far they are wide-range of personalities and teaching styles:
      • Some are nice both in and out of class, while ohers seem nice on the outside but are but terrifying in class. I know it is part of the socratic thing, but I don’t get the expressionless terror provoking start of class (especially when they’ll be jovial and cracking jokes by the end of class.) As a student, I know they’re messing with our heads with the way they start class, but it just seems kinda lame to me.

      • Most of the profs I really like; they seem like cool people with interesting life stories. However, one I’m going to have to learn to appreciate. (I keep telling myself, “Even pompous a**es have redeeming qualities, or at least can teach me something.”)

      • All of them know their subject area like nobody’s business. There is not a dud in the bunch.
    • My classmates… well at first I didn’t like them (I just didn’t feel like I connected with them culturally.), but now I’m starting to warm up to them, and they to me. One thing that helped was today I decided to ditch the nice clothes and wear a hawaiian shirt. I’ll never be a yuppified Mister Schmooze, so why try? All I can be, is to be myself.

      Also, I had a better feeling about things after attending a Native American Law Students meeting. I really like those folks and look forward to getting involved with the organization.

    • Most notably, I am beginning to notice a subtle yet significant change in my attitude toward the law.

      Before I started L-school I used to say “the best place to throw rocks at the system, is from the inside.”

      Now, though I don’t see the “system” as the enemy and have dropped my rocks.

      For all of the injustices that can and do occur, I am learning that our judiciary is the one thing that has kept and is keeping the forces of oppression at bay.

      Our legal system is not perfect (sometimes far from it), but the system (one that is adversarial in nature, yet plays by rules and treats the players with respect and civility) is a beautiful thing. I am excited by the thought of someday playing a small role in that.

      But don’t take this the wrong way either. Love of the law (and you have to be in love with it to jump into this intense kind of study.”) does not mean I love what is done with it sometimes.

      I for one think the problem though is not that we have too many lawyers, but rather that the rich have plenty and that the poor needs their fair share to get a fair shake of things.