Law School Update:

    Well the first week of L-school is done! (Woohoo!)

    Yesterday evening, I took some time out to go to Will Rogers Park in OKC, a large park that is about 2 miles as the crow flies from OCU. The reason for the trip out there was to smoke a special cigar, an Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Maduro that my friends Kimberly and Jimmy brought back for me a year ago from their honeymoon in Sin City.

    (the maduro is the one on the bottom)

    I normally don’t keep cigars this long… in fact I don’t smoke that much these days, just for special occasions, but I thought I would save this cigar for a special occasion.

    So, I did smoke it at the park and it was good. One of the best cigars I’ve had, very strong and rich.

    While at the park smoking my cigar, I discovered a very special place. It’s a little forest along side a creek that runs in the park. The trees are mixture of species: cypress, Live Oak (yes, I said Live Oak! Those most have been planted since their native to Central Texas and other southern locations.), cedar, Osage Orange, plus towering elms (I think) and some other trees I wasn’t able to identify. Not only that, but there were black tree ants (!) in the forest, just like we have in the Black Jack and Post Oaks forests of Newcastle.

    Anyway, while strolling through forest as the sun was setting I found a pink granite plaque down in the ground by the bridge that crossed the creek. This is what it said:

      A Forest Built in a Day

      in memory of Anton H. Classen

      who came to Oklahoma City in 1897

      a lover and planter of trees

      October 8, 1961 September 30, 1922

      This forest planted by Cubs and Boy Scouts

      of Oklahoma City, in Will Rogers Park,

      this Sequyah Day April 14, 1939

    As I stood there at the bridge, hearing the locusts and tree frogs singing and reveling in the greenness of the forest, I couldn’t help but feel so good.

    I do know this about L-school, if I can take some time out from time to time to spend in nature, I’m going to be a whole lot happier.