Politics and Policies:

  • Yahoo/AP: Corrections population hits 6.6M — I have a simple solution to our burgeouning prison population… increase the sentences for violent offenders who pose a risk to the public, and reduce or eliminate jail time for non-violent drug offenders. Not only would we reduce prison populations, but we would also have a safer society.
  • Channel Oklahoma (OKC TV 5): Keating to lead delegation to China — I find this to be disgusting. Keating should not be using his power and clout (and likely our taxpayer dollars too) to buddy up with a repressive regime that persecutes people of faith, including the Roman Catholic church. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with OK politics, Keating is also well known as being the head of the special national laycommittee the American Bishops appointed to consult the Bishop’s on the recent pedophilia scandals.)

    At the very least, Keating should use the trip to speak out on human rights and to encourage China to open up their society to freedom.

  • MSNBC: Secret federal court rebuffs Ashcroft
  • NY Times: Secret court says F.B.I. aides misled judges in 75 cases — This may seem outlandish, but the only solution here to throw out all of the evidence gathered under such warrants. If the FBI lied to obtain the permission, the warrants aren’t valid, and the evidence is inadmissable.

    The FBI might have thought it was doing the right think, but actually they dropped the ball big time. Unless the judges decide to throw the law out the window (which lately is not an impossibility), such evidence must be excluded.

    (sorry these last two stories are a few days old. I’ve been behind on the news lately.)