JMBzine 2002 Democratic Primary Endorsements:

    For many of the race, my “endorsement” is a qualified one, in that I am picking the lesser of two evils. (If I am torn, between the choices, I will mention my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, choices, etc.)

    Also, I’m giving endosements for the Democratic party primaries since that is the ballot I’ll be casting tomorrow. I am actually a member of the SW Oklahoma Green Party, but until we get ballot access I have my Demo registration so I can vote in the primaries.

    U.S. Senate

    • David Walters gets my qualified endorsement because he gives specifics in discussing the issues and cares enough about the voters to give us a comprehensive website. I have my concerns about his past record when he was governor, but right now it looks like he’s the best we have in this race.
    • Tom Boettcher won’t get my vote because all he does is attack Walters to the neglect of discussing issues.

    U.S. House of Rep, Dis. #4

      I am not very pleased with any of the candidates. I think the Demos dropped the ball by not fielding a better candidate to take the open seat that is available.

      Here’s my thoughts on the candidates…

    • Brandon Clabes is competely unacceptable (according to his response to the LOWV questionaire, he favors changing the burder of proof to “reasonable suspicion” instead of “proof beyond reasaonble doubt” He is also a former FBI agent and Midwest City Police Chief, so his views coupled with his police background make him dangerous to me. I bet he is in the John Ashcroft fan club.
    • Lance Compton – no response to LWV questionaire and no website, so he won’t get my vote.
    • Darryl Roberts is my 2nd choice in the race. My main objection to him is that he is too pro-military/war.
    • Ben Odom – I’m not not 100% happy with him, but of those in the race I think he’s the best. I think he is too pro-military/war as well, but he doesn’t seem as strident as Roberts.

      (It’s really hard to vote as a pacifist in Oklahoma.)


    • My whole-hearted endorsement is for Jim Dunegan. I like him because he supports rural Oklahomans, wants to increase education funding, is anti-lottery and pro-life. He is not perfect, as he supports the death penalty as do all of the other candidates. However, I am willing to give him a chance as when I spoke to him he seemed to be open to considering options like a temporary moratorium to prevent innousent folks from being executed.)
    • If Dunegan doesn’t make it into the run-off, I hope that either Kelley Hanney (a full-blooded american Indian who created the “The Guardian” statue that is now on top of the Oklahoma State Capitol dome and veteran state legislator) or Brad Henry (veteran state legislator who makes a very good positive impression). I don’t like Henry and Haney’s support of the lottery, but otherwise agree with them on most issues.
    • Orza frankly worries me. He’ll almost definitely get into the run-off, but he has too much money behind him. I do not like his elitist attitudes, and I do not like his out-spoken advocacy for abortion rights. If he wins the Demo nomination, I will have to give serious thought for voting for the Largent or Richardson.

    State Auditor & Inspector

    Corp. Commissioner

    Labor Commissioner

    • Don’t laugh, but my vote goes to perennial candidate Virginia Blue Jeans Jenner. Reading her statement to the LOWV, she seems to actually care about labor.

      Jenner’s primary opponent Lloyd Fields sounds like a puppet for big business interests. His whole website sounds like he’s going to be the commissioner of the anti-labor department to me.

    Races with no demo primaries are…

    • Lt. Governor

    • Attorney General

    • Insurance Commissioner

    Non-Democratic Endorcements

    • For District 21 DA, I support Tim D. Kuykendall for the Republican nominee. He is a good fair minded D.A. and one of the best in the state.
    • For OKlahoma County DA, I support Mickey Homesey, or really anybody but Wes Lane. (my thoughts on ol’ Wes can be found here:…)