Politics and Policies:

    If you’re an Okie, don’t forget to vote in tomorrow’s primary elections. For more information on the candidates, check out these sites:

    • Dnet.org – plug in your zip code for voter information from the League of Women Voters
    • Newsok.com Coverage and candidate profiles from The Daily Disappointment (I will say that this election issue was well done for once. I wish more of their news coverage could be done with this level of quality.)
    • Last of all, if you can find a print edition of this week’s Oklahoma Gazette, they have a great campaign special issue with detailed candidate profiles. Regretably, they decided not to run the guide on their website which I think is a big, big mistake.
    • Finally, if even of you suckers want to vote like I will, I’ll post my endorsements up here later today. Stay tuned…