Politics and Policies:

    If you haven’t seen the results of yesterday’s Oklahoma Primary elections, here are the latest results from Demookie.com.

    Some of my picks prevailed or at least made it to the run-off. Others didn’t fair so well.

  • Governor:

    I was especially disappointed that Dunegan didn’t fair better. He did get the majority of the votes in his home county, and I think was the #2 man in McCurtain county, but did not pull enough votes elsewhere to do well.

    Also, I was disappointed that Haney didn’t do better. I figured he would get a majority in Caddo county but did not. I think for the next election American Indians need to organize more in doing getting out the vote/voter registration campaigns.

    So it looks like it will be Brad Henry and Orza in the primary. Henry was not my first pick, but given the race as it stands he’ll get my support. Other than the lottery his views line up with mine (at least as far as I know) and he isn’t a mult-millionarrie, unlike Orza, Largent (GOP nominee) and Richardson (the Independent candidate.)

  • US Senate:

    Walters almost made it without a run-off, but didn’t. I think he will still prevail but I’m afraid that this might drain his resources too much before the general election. I think he would be best off if he campaigned as if he had no run-off and focused on Inhoffe not Boettcher. I think Demos will be attraced to Walters if he does this.

  • US House – District 4

    We face another run-off here between Odom and Richardson. I don’t care much for either of them, but maybe the run-off will force one or both of them to become better candidates. I am less concerned with who will bring the district more pork (or preserve the pork we have); instead I would like to see them talk about real issues that relate to us as a nation such as will they stand up for civil rights during war times, will they support increased federal funding for higher education, will they push for prescription drug coverage for Medicare recepients, do they support raiding social security, etc. These are democratic issues and those are the issue that I and many other registered Democrats care about.

    Another issue that someone brought up to me on Odom vs. Richardson was abortion. I would like to see each of them address this in some way before the run-off.

  • DA Races

    The GOP voters of Clevelan/McClain counties showed a great deal of wisdom in choosing Kuykendall for their DA nominee. Unfortunately, the GOP voters of Oklahoma county proved to not have their intelligence/wisdom and choose Wes Lane. Unfortunately, Lane does not understand and/or does not respect our American system of justice. I find it appalling the Republicans of Oklahoma county do not see this as an important issue.

  • Labor Commissioner:

    My gal, Virginia Blue Jeans Jenner actually did pretty well here, garnering 34% of the vote! Hahaha!!! This was nearly the same percentage that US Senate candidate Boettcher got!