As you can see I’m posting more than ussual today. All of my L-school reading is done for tomorrow and I got some more time to kill before I get off work as a OCU Law libary computer lab tech, so here are some random and bizarre links:

  • The Brick Testament an entertaining but semi-disturbing take on the Bible, illustrated with legos. (one example is this depiction of the flood. (This guy has way too much time on his hands.) Thanks to AJY for this link.
  • AP/MSNBC: Caffeine may lower skin cancer risk – Lotion spiked with stimulant prevents tumors in mouse study
  • NY Times: Unabashed Wal-mart shopper speaks

    An interesting story, and I must say she is right. Wal-mart sells good quality clothes, cheap. I’ve scoured lots of other places trying to find something of the same quality and price (Much of Wal-mart clothing is made in China, Bangladesh, and other places were workers are exploited.) but have been completely unacceptable. Even thrift stores these days don’t have a very good selection. At least in OKC, most thrift stores are overpriced and don’t have good quality stuff like they did a few years back.

    So, where does that leave me… I don’t know. I guess I’ll keep hoping Wal-mart changes or that someone else can make good clothes cheap (or cheaper) but until then (or until I make better money) I will have to continue to shop at Wallyworld more than I would like to.

  • Hickory Farms – the source of all of those yummy samples at the mall.