Politics and Policies:

    Retouching on the Labor Commissioner race, in rereading Jenner’s statements to the LOWV I saw one bit that I think is worth highlighting…

      Employers are rich and powerful and do not need any help. Employees are poor and powerless and government should protect them from the abuses of the bosses.

    That really is a gross generalization. I do think that many (but not all) employers hold too many of the cards in labor matters, but it is not fair to say that all employers are rich and powerful and don’t need help; vice-versa employees are not all poor and powerless.

    What I do think is critical is this. The Labor commissioner is charged to be a fair advocate for workers’ rights. My concern with Fields is that he doesn’t seem to speak much about being an advocate for the worker, that said I don’t think Jenner’s gross-generalizations are better either. My “support” of Jenner was a protest of Fields, not support of Jenner.

    My hope though is that Fields will come around, and begin speaking up for real labor issues.