Law School Update:

    Well my second week of L-school is almost done. Here are some new observations about the experience…

    • The “mean” professors are mellowing out big time. As long as the class is prepared, the profs are downright likable. (Even the prof I didn’t like the first week has turned out to be one of my most interesting profs.)
    • The casebook driven classes (Torts, Contracts, and Civ Pro) are the most interesting and time consuming. The other classes (Legal Research & Writing and Legal Analysis) are pretty dry right now, but I’m sure will get more interesting as the semester rolls on and the assignements start coming up.
    • The workload is much less than I expected, however it is still easy to get behind. This really is a marathon; the pace is slow but unrelenting.
    • The atmosphere of the L-school is much more sane this week. Folks are a lot nicer and more laid back now.

    As far as student organizations go, there are a ton to get involved with. Thankfully almost all meet from 5-5:50 p.m. (after day school and before night school classes), so it easy to attend the meetings. I think right now the ones I’m going to get involved with are:

    • American Constitution Society – a group that serves as a counter-balance to the more right-leaning Federalist Society. The ACS’s philsophy seems to be more Moderate-Leftist leanings in its ideas, and more supportive of the role of the Judicary as being law shapers and makers in this country. The ACS chapter is very small, but I think it has a lot of potential.
    • Native American Law Students Assoc – a group for both American Indian and non-Indian law students who are interested in Indian issues and Indian law. The exciting thing about being in NALSA is that they have a moot court team that will be competing in the national Indian law moot court competition at Columbia University in NYC! NALSA also does quite a bit of volunteer work with Oklahoma Indian Legal Services.
    • American Trial Lawyers Association – a very active group that brings in speakers and training on trial practice, and also sponsors moot trial court competitions (which are unlike most other moot courts that specialize in appealate advocacy). This year I won’t be as active, but plan to try out for their moot court team next year.

    Other than L-school, my schedule is pretty tight. I am involved some with church and political causes, but mostly I spend my spare time writing for this blog and for (Ok, I lied. I’ve been neglecting Exit lately, but I’ll kick it in high gear soon.) Also, I’m starting a new job this week as a computer lab tech for the OCU Law library, so if you’re an L-student come by and say hi.