Politics and Policies:

  • Delewareonline.com: MBNA picketed over support for bankruptcy bill – a good first step, but activists nationwide need to take this to the next level. There should have been 2500 outside the MBNA HQ not 25.
  • Demookie.com/Tulsa World: 4th District hopeful to exit Demo race — If this story is right, it looks like Odom might be stepping out of the race. I think it will be a good move for the Demos, but I hope this doesn’t mean that Richardson will not work hard to be a good candidate. My impression of him is that he is a one-issue man… more funding for Tinker, Ft. Sill, Altus AFB, reinstate the Crusader missle program, etc.

    That’s fine and dandy to want more pork for the district (that’s what all politicians do I guess), but I more concerned with a million other issues like civil rights, the bankruptcy “reform” bill, protecting social security, etc.