Highlights from this week’s Austin Chronicle:

    Starting this week, I’ll pick some of my favorite articles from the Austin Chronicle (the best alternative news weekly in the country IMHO… I think it is even better than the often lauded Village Voice of NYC.) to highlight to JMBzine readers.

  • Hotly Anticipated — The 12th Annual ‘Austin Chronicle’ Hot Sauce Festival results (Several of my favorites including Ana’s Salsa and Smoky Hill did well in the competition.)
  • The Other Guys — Beneath the mud-slinging, Greens and Libertarians look for grassroots votes
      Here is one blurb that I found insiteful in the article . . . As that reductive summary suggests, the left margin and the right margin can often meet somewhere in the middle. Green and Libertarian sympathizers are likely to agree about: the military draft (don’t want one); civil liberties (expand and defend them); the war on drugs (cease and desist immediately); and government subsidies of corporations (ditto). The two groups diverge most strongly on the Libertarians’ reflexive devotion to “the free market” as the private solution to virtually every public problem, while the Greens generally place more faith in the necessity of democratic government to protect and defend the public interest.

      Also an old Libertarian friend of mine, Rock Howard (current political director of the TX LP) is quoted in the story.

  • This week’s Dancing About Architecture column discusses the end of Ark Productions and its demise will have on the Austin rave scene. (more info on the scene at: www.texasbeatz.net