Another day working at the OCU Law Library computer lab. A few people needed help but overall very slow. Other than a lunch break for Vietnamese Pho noodle soup, I’ve been mostly talking to upper classmen L-students gleaning from them dirt on my profs (their pet likes and dislikes, and what they look for on exams) and surfing the web. Here are a few sites I found today…

  • SearchGodsWord.org a very handy Bible study resource provided by Heartlight.org. I like this site better than Biblestudytools.org because the server seems faster and the screen is less cluttered with ads.
  • 50th Annual Cherokee National Holiday is this weekend. It will include a historic joint Council meeting between the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation and the Cherokee National of Oklahoma. I wished I could have gone to this, but the need to work and the long drive to Tahlequah, OK prevented me from it.
  • More Labor Day holiday events include… Oklahoma Prison Rodeo
  • Shakespeare in the Park – ‘Macbeth’
  • Arts Festival Oklahoma @ OCCC – this I will go to probably this evening.