I’m at OCU super-early in the morning doing an email check before class since I’m done reading the cases.

    Anyway, though on to something more interesting…

    This weekend I got to spend some time babysitting my two little brothers (3 year old twins). Normally when I am with them for more than an hour or two, I end up putting on a tape for them to watch or turning on one of the semi-educational networks for kids. But this time I decided to do an experiment. We would turn off the TV.

    Interestingly enough, their behavior was much improved. They seemed happier and even when they were being cranky they didn’t stay that way as long as they normally would.

    Of course they still kept wanting to turn on the TV, so they would go over and turn it on themselves. I would let them leave it on for awhile but as soon as they were distracted or doing something else I would turn it off.

    What little we did watch of children’s TV shows I was not happy with. The images were moving too fast, it was too busy, and it was overwhelming. If it was overwhelming to me as an adult, then what would it be like to them?

    Also, the shows weren’t very good. We had it on the Disney channel for awhile and they had a program on called “House of Mouse” where Mickey was running a nightclub or something and now Huey, Luey, and Duey (or whatever Donald Duck’s nephews names are) were a boyband. Of course in the audience you had Dumbo, Alladin, and the Little Mermaid. (I’m not making this up!) Now what bothered me about it was that there was no sense of history about this. Dumbo is a 1930’s show. Aladin is set in the ancient Middle East, etc. These characters (many of them original and creative in their original forms) are now just marketing tools to get the kids to giggle even though they do not fit in the story line of this innane program.

    And then of course there is the commercial branding. All through the program on Disney there is the nice little friendly Disney logo in the corner… why?

    So that Disney can implant their logo on the children’s subconscious psyche so they can literally “brand” the corporate identity intot heir brains.

    Overall, I’ve decided TV is trash, and children’s TV (even the more benign kind) is even stinkier trash.

    So, I’m not going to watch TV this week, or maybe never again. (We’ll see how this week goes.) I’m sick of having my brain exploited by multi-national marketers. It’s bad enough online with all of the stupid banner ads and pop-up ads, and pop-under ads, and nagging ads that sit on top of hte content until you click on something… but at least with the internet I’m getting a semi-decent trade for quality information, graphics, music, and especially the opportunity for self-expression.

    All I get from TV is mind-numbing, which I guess is better than getting it from drugs, but frankly I don’t want my mind numbed. I want to be truly alive not walking around dead.

    Well I gotta get to class, but I wanted to go ahead and vent now while things are still fresh on my mind.

    Last of all, if you want some more anti-TV thought check out: www.turnoffyourtv.com (and especially the article The Beautiful People Syndrome