9/11 Commentary:

From now and until the 11th, I will be posting some commentary, meditations, and rememberances of the tragedy of September 11 under this headline.

  • NY Times: Honoring Loss With the Power of Green
      . . . “Planting a garden is an act of faith that you will be there to take care of it — or someone will,” said Nadia Murphy, a horticulturist who is married to a firefighter in the Rockaways. “This is a place for us to come together as a community, to help each other heal.”

      That day last September, tall sycamores protected St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church from the full force of the impact, said the Rev. Lyndon F. Harris, the chapel’s pastor. This spring, Mr. Harris looked up in one of the sycamores and saw a sparrow making a nest out of the remaining debris.

      “How’s that for a metaphor?” he asked.

      It is the sparrow, not the phoenix, that is rising from the ashes in New York. It is the weeds poking out of ground zero. It is the people planting trees. These acts combined become a form of healing that transcends, yet never forgets, a single life lost.

  • Living Memorial Project an intiative of the USDA Forest Service to memorialize the victims of terrorism through the planting of living memorials: trees