Politics and Policy:

  • Well it looks like the Bush Administration is at it again with putting a spin on the truth. MSNBC reports that the US & UK are downplaying the reports in the British press concerning a massive airstrike today.

    What I find interesting in the story is this quote:

      “The strike that we conducted was one of 25. It was our 25th strike in the South. We’ve done 10 in the North this calendar year. … Was it bigger than most? It was bigger than the ones we’d done in the last probably two weeks, but we’ve done strikes of that size several times over the last 10 or 11 years.” (USAF Brig. Gen. John W. Rosa Jr., deputy director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff)

    Read that again. Carefully.

    He says very clearly “we’ve done strikes of that size several times over the last 10 or 11 years”.

    Ten or eleven years?!

    Folks, the Persian Gulf war never ended. Bush is either purposely deceitful or ignorant on the meaning of words (not the first president to have this problem though, at least Bush probably knows what the word “is” means.) when he says he’ll ask Congress for permission before waging war on Iraq. We already are waging war against Iraq!

    If anything, this is war is like those Rocky movies. Another sequel just keeps coming back… It’s “Desert Storm 2! In this corner, Bush Junior, wants to take on his daddy’s old nemesis to prove that he’s as tough as his daddy was. And in the other corner, Saddamm Hussein in the fight of his life! Will Hussein finally be defeated? Will Bush Junior reclaim the golden belt for his daddy’s (and their corporate backers’) good name?”

    My fear is that there will be a Desert Storm 3, and a Desert Storm 4, as the suriving Iraqi children of the wars grow up in an atmosphere of hating America for she had done to their people.

    Also, what strikes me as obscene is the fact that Bush is right now lobbying China for their support in this war. China!?

    This war is not about human rights, and sure isn’t about deterring threats or terrorism.

    In the big picture, China treats her citizens as bad or worse than Iraq does. Just ask the Tibetans of China how they feel about the oppression of the PROC? Their position is little different than that of the Kurds of Iraq. Also on the subject of religous freedom, Iraq is much more open than China. There are actually Christian churches opperating in Iraq legally. Not so in China, at least not real Christian churches.

    China also poses a much greater threat to the US than does Iraq. Iraq at best could launch a terrorist attack of some kind. China can launch nuclear weapons at the US and hit the west coast.

    Asking China for help in toppeling in Iraq, is like asking Charles Manson to help the police track down a serial killer. It’s absurd and offensive.