Reader Comments:

    Here is an email that I received regarding my earlier post in which I said that I might vote for Largent (R) or Richardson (I) for Governor if Orza (D) wins the primary.

      Subject: Largent

      I noticed on your site you were considering voting for Largent. Please go to my site before you make any decision to support this unqualified politician. His tenure in Congress was a waste of representation for over 7 years. (He simply did not do anything significant.) If elected Governor, he’ll probably not do the same.

      Numerous requests from teachers in Oklahoma for specifics on his “Bold New Plan” to improve education were ignored, presumably because he does not have one. Anyway, check out the site. Everything I have put up there is true and accurate, with more coming on a regular basis.


      Mel Root, Tulsa

    Well Mr. Root, I’m not a Largent fan by no means, but if the Demos pick Orza all bets are off. It’ll be a race between three bad candidates, and right now they all seem equally bad to me. We needed a true Oklahoma populist as governor, but we weeded out the two candidates who were for the people (Dunegan and Haney). Henry will get my reluctant vote in the run-off election (I don’t like him because he supports a regressive tax on the desperate and ignorant, a.k.a. the lottery), but if he loses I’ll feel dirty no matter who I vote for who.

    All in all, the political scene in Oklahoma looks pretty bad to me right now.