Politics and Policy:

  • This morning The Guardian (UK newspaper) reports that “about 100 British and US jets were involved in an attack against Iraqi air defences in the west of the country.” This is also reported by MSNBC. This is a disturbing escalation of the on-going war in Iraq and proves that Bush has some problems with truthtelling.However, unlike Gore’s well-known lies of the last election, Bush’s are far more dangerous.

    Remember, just days ago Bush pledged that we would not go to war without the consent of congress and international support.

    Why did he say this when in fact the US has been at war with Iraq since the so-called end of the Persian Gulf War, both through the deliberate starvation of Iraqi children and through continued bombings?

    But of course I’m sure Bush thinks that using 100 planes to raid a country is not an act of war. So what do you think would happen if Iraq sent 100 plans to bomb the US, or Israel? Hmm… might it be act of war?

    So the moral to be learned from all of this is:

    • When America bombs a country it’s peacekeeping.
    • When a dictator (especially one that was once supported by the US) bombs a country, it’s a crime against humanity.