I just read the following press release at The Vagrant Cafe


    AUSTIN, TX — 6 SEP 02 Jason Dodd, former Editor in Chief of the Seattle/Tacoma based Bandoppler Radio (www.bandoppler.com) online magazine, and current Managing Editor of Austin, TX’s HM Magazine, turned in his resignation notice to HM owners, the Van Pelts, last week. Dodd spent almost two years transforming and updating the “look” and content of the 17-year-old, nationally distributed Christian rock magazine (which began as Heaven’s Metal in the mid-80s). Dodd originally planned to make one more issue of HM Magazine (Nov/Dec, #98, featuring Blindside on the cover) before returning to his home state of Washington in October, but decided instead to leave HM during the second week of September, due to undesirable internal circumstances at the magazine offices.

    Dodd has been planning his departure from HM for months, and intends to move back to the Seattle area next week to start a print magazine and independent publishing house with long time friends and collaborators, Chris Estey, Chris Short, Matt Johnson, Roy Culver, Jeff Cloud, Matt Wignall, John Sant, Fay Jakymec, Jeanette Strole and others. When asked about why Dodd is leaving HM, he stated: “The decision for me to leave is three-fold. First, I can no longer quiet my nagging conscience for being personally involved with the CBA, GMA, and the American Evangelical marketplace in general. Second, I am ready and called to start my own print magazine with people who share my paradigm, aesthetics, and ethics. And third, HM Magazine has a number of internal problems that will probably never be resolved. I value the time I have spent at HM, but it’s just time to make something that I can believe in without reservations.”

    As for the new magazine Dodd plans to create, “I am excited to get back to Seattle and begin working on something that I feel will be very special,” he stated. “We haven’t decided on a name for the magazine yet, but the publishing house will probably be called Bandoppler Books. The caliber of minds and talent committed to the new project will speak loudly to what is in store. I think people who still appreciate good, ethical, and intelligent journalism, creativity, honesty, humor, and all the virtuous, meaningful, challenging, and entertaining things that periodicals can be, will really dig and support what we are going to make in the months to come. I know there is a literate audience out there waiting for what I believe we can give them, and I hope we can get their attention.”

    While most of the details of the new magazine and publishing house are still being hashed out, inquiries of any kind can be emailed to Dodd at: jason@hmmagazine.com. Progress updates will be posted periodically at: www.fineprintmag.com.

I knew of Jason’s planned departure, but I am surprised about the sudden resignation. I did have mixed feelings about the sudden departure (As a longtime fan of HM Magazine, I have been thrilled by the improvements to the content and presentation of HM during Jason’s reign, so I can’t help but be concerned that HM might not stay on track.), but at the same time I think jason will be much happier in a more free environment and on his own home turf. (I don’t think he ever felt at home in Texas.).

I wish him the very best, and I am very, very excited to see what will come of the new magazine. (I’ll let y’all know of any updates on this as soon as I hear about it.)