Politics and Policies:

  • KFOR/AP: Court says Macy used ‘underhanded trial tactics’
      DENVER — The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the death sentence of an Oklahoma City man, but condemned the actions of retired Oklahoma County District Attorney Bob Macy at the man’s trial.

      The judges’ 3-0 decision rejected the claim of Robert Don Duckett that his constitutional rights were violated at his trial for the 1988 killing of convenience store manager John E. Howard.

      The judges agreed with the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals that Macy’s “often underhanded trial tactics” and prejudicial statements to jurors didn’t deprive Duckett of a fair trial.

      But the judges said Macy’s “persistent misconduct … has without doubt harmed the reputation of Oklahoma’s criminal justice system.” Macy disagreed with the appellate judges’ conclusion about his behavior and defended his work in the Duckett case.

      “If what I did didn’t harm Mr. Duckett and his conviction was upheld, then what I did must not have been so wrong,” Macy said.

      “If I was misbehaving so badly why didn’t the trial judge stop me?”

      The federal judges, however, pointed out in their ruling the state appeals court overturned at least one murder conviction in another case, “soundly condemning (Macy’s) often underhanded trial tactics.”

      Duckett, then 24, was sentenced in 1989 for beating Howard, 53, to death. The two men shared an Oklahoma City residence.

      Prosecutors said the motive was Howard wanted Duckett to move out, but Duckett contended Howard made homosexual advances at him.

    If you’re interesting in more information on Oklahoma County’s former DA (and endorser of current incumbent DA candidate Lane) read the book Actual Innocence by Jim Dwyer, Peter Neufeld, and Barry Scheck. It’ll curdle your blood to see what Macy did in the name of ‘justice.’ (The Washington Post’s review of this book said, “You will not soon read a more frightening book.” I think the reviewer must have been reading the chapters on Macy when he wrote that.)

  • NY Times: A tax break for the rich who can keep a secret
      A Treasury spokeswoman, Tara Bradshaw, said the Bush administration was not currently considering any action on exchange funds and therefore had no policy position on them.

    Yet another example of how the rich ruling class use the Bush administration to get richer at the expense of the poor and especially the Middle class folks who will have to pay more taxes to cover the difference from the ultra-rich tax cheats.