Goofy Laws:

    Goofy laws is a new feature of where I’ll be highlighting goofiness in Federal, State, and Local laws (both statutory and case law).

  • In Texas, one can be sentenced to 3 months of jail time and a fine of $300 for unlawfully thrashing pecans (to beat or strike a pecan tree with a stick so as to make the nuts fall off).
      Art. 6143.1. Thrashing pecans; penalty.

      Sec. 1. Wherever the term thrash is used herein, it shall mean to beat or strike with a stick or other object.

      Sec. 2. It is unlawful for any person to thrash pecans from any pecan tree or cause pecans to fall from the tree by any means other than the fall caused by nature, unless:

      (1) the tree is located on land owned by the person doing the thrashing; or

      (2) in case the tree is located on privately-owned land, he has the written consent of the owner or lessee or his authorized agent; or

      (3) in case the tree is located on land owned by the state, a county, a city, a school district, or another district or political subdivision of the state, he has the written consent of an officer or agent of the agency or political subdivision controlling the property or, if the land is within the boundaries of an incorporated city, the written consent of the mayor, or, if the land is not within the boundaries of any incorporated city, the county judge of the county.

      Sec. 3. A person who violates any provision of this Act is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction is punishable by a fine of not less than $5 nor more than $300 or by confinement in the county jail for not more than three months, or both.

      Acts 1971, 62nd Leg., p. 1289, ch. 331, eff. Aug. 30, 1971.

      Found in Texas TITLE 106. PATRIOTISM AND THE FLAG

  • In Oklahoma can be imprisoned for 10 years and fined $1000 for the felony act of displaying a red flag. — What is goody about this, is that the legislature reinstated this law in 1999! Obviously any conviction would be overruled by the US Supreme Court on Constitutional grounds, but it is still absurd that the state would pass a law like this in 1999!

      Section 374 – Display of Red Flag or Emblem of Disloyalty

      Any person in this state, who shall carry or cause to be carried, or publicly display any red flag or other emblem or banner, indicating disloyalty to the Government of the United States or a belief in anarchy or other political doctrines or beliefs, whose objects are either the disruption or destruction of organized government, or the defiance of the laws of the United States or of the State of Oklahoma, shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and upon conviction shall be punished by imprisonment in the Penitentiary of the State of Oklahoma for a term not exceeding ten (10) years, or by a fine not exceeding One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) or by both such imprisonment and fine.

      Historical Data: Laws 1919, c. 83, p. 133, § 1; Amended by Laws 1997, H.B. No. 1213 c. 133. § 178, emerg. Effective Date Amended to July 1, 1999 by Laws 1998, c. 2 (First Extraordinary Session), §§ 23-26, effective June 19, 1998 (superseded document available); Amended by H.B. 1009X (1st Ex. Sess. 1999), § 95, emerg. eff. July 1, 1999 (superseded document available).

      Found in Oklahoma Title 21. Crimes and Punishments: Chapter 9: Section 374 – Display of Red Flag or Emblem of Disloyalty