Politics and Policy:

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  • Late last night I watched part of the movie 13 Days, a movie about the Cuban Missle Crisis. Maybe I’m being melodramatic, but the situation reminds me a great deal of what is happening in Iraq and Israel with the current war. My fear is that, there is no voice for reason or peaceful resoluation in this administration like JFK had. I wish we had an Adlai Stevenson at the UN, or Robert Kennedy as attorney General. Instead, we have chickenhawks running the whole show. It’s a mighty fearful situation.

    But I was also struck by the prayerfulness of the nation at that time. In the movie they showed in Washington the Catholic churches open 24 hours a day with long lines for confessions, and people of faith everywhere praying and seeking God’s deliverance from nuclear war. It’s time for peaple of faith and peace to press in deeper in crying out to the Lord for peace.