1L Elections

    I received this email from Micah Adkins from Section 1:

      Hey James,

      I received info tonight that not enough votes were cast to elect a rep for our section. This position is really important to me.

      Can I count on you to help me out–if you know of anyone that is undecided, will you vouch for me? Please pass the word to others in our section and encourage them to vote in the run off tomorrow.

      Thanks for your help.


    I’m not making any endorsements on this page, but I do want to say that I have been really impressed with all of the candidates and how much they are working to enteract with their fellow students in politicing. I think this speaks well for them and the quality of student representation we have at OCU Law. — If you haven’t voted today, be sure and do it. I think several of these run-offs are going to be close, so your vote will really count.