Law School Update:

    This week has been rather hectic for me (hence the lack of JMBzine postings). The big hurdle this week was the Research Exam for the Legal Research & Writing class. Due to my stupidity (I did not realize how long the exam was) I procrastinated horribly on it. I did get it done, but just barely in time.

    Other than that, classes are going well. I am now doing book briefs for all of my classes and it is going much better. (For anyone interested, I’ll post details on my book briefing technique on One L @ OCU some time next week.) It is still a struggle though to stay on track with the readings, especially when you never know how much or how little the profs will cover in class. Overall Torts is still going the smoothest, but Civ Pro and Contracts are starting to make more sense to me.