Austin Trip Account – Part 1:

    Ok, I promised more details about my Austin trip so here we go…

    I left Newcastle around 6 a.m. on Friday morning. It was still dark as I left, but the sun slowly climbed as I drove southwest on the turnpike. By the time I passed by the Wichita Mountains the sun was casting a coppery glow over the countryside, which was rather striking against the unseasonally green grass. I continued on south, crossing the Red River into Texas.

    After a quick pit stop in Wichita Falls, I continued on US 281 to Windthorst, TX to see the Grotto and St. Mary’s Catholic church (pictures to be added later once I can afford to get them developed) and then continued into the Cross Timbers region (aka the Northern Texas Hill Country) south of Windthorst. As I continued southward the predominant trees were first Post Oaks but later Live Oaks.

    (to be continued…)