I got back from Austin around 1 a.m. on Monday. It was a great weekend, but much too short. (I’ll post more about it later this afternoon maybe… especially my reviews of some of my favorite performers at the Austin City Limits Festival. Overall though, it was nice to be around hippies again even if I’m not much of one (There were so many of them at the ACL Festival!) and to enjoy being with old friends, both human and non-human (more on this later this afternoon…).

    But it is also very good to be back home in Oklahoma. My time in Austin was good and brought back tons of good memories, but it has changed and I have as well. Warts and all, my home is in Oklahoma. My home state is not always friendly (especially when you don’t think that killing is the answer to much of anything) but even the redneck “kill em all” types are still my folk. I understand them, even if I sometimes loath their sentiments. Most of all though, it is the land that I am connected with. The sky is more beautiful here than on any place on earth, and I know the soil, rocks trees, plants, bugs, and all of the other wonders of God’s creation in this place like friends.

    I will always be bound up to some extent with Austin and the Texas Hill Country (esp sacred places like Mount Bonnell, the Congress Avenue bridge at 1 a.m. the bonechilling waters of the Barton Springs pool and the Frio River out west and especially the peaceful San Marcos River). That country changed me and made me part of what I am today, but it also led me back to Oklahoma.

    Ok, enough throwing words on the blog. I gotta write a stupid memo for a class (ok, it’s not really stupid, I’m just not in the mood to write it) so I’m off like a dirty shirt.