Law School Update:

  • L-school is kicking along. Right now is crunch time for all of the assignments in Legal Analysis and Legal Research and Writing, and as soon as that mess is over it’ll be time for making the outlines for Final exams. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

    Classes are going ok. The regular law classes (torts, contracts, civ pro) are now much more enjoyable and I feel good about them (I’m actually understanding contracts, at least part of the time 😉 but the writing-heavier classes (LA and LR&W) are driving me nuts. I know this is stuff that is good to know, but the busy work is overwhelming. All of this blue book stuff has convinced me that I do not want to do Law Review.

  • Gtexts was kind enough to throw me a link in the midst of a discussion on the universality of the L-school experience and a discussion on what Law school bloggists have been blogging about lately. (have you ever noticed how the word “blog” can be used as a noun… i.e. “a blog”; a verb…. i.e. “to blog,” or even as an adjective… “that’s so blog” hahaha, ok, I made that last one up. The excessive use of the word “blog” does remind me of the old smurfs show, and how “smurf” was used as a substitute for many verbs… but my questions is could it be used as a curse word, like “SMURF YOU!” hahaha, as you can see the fine art of legal citation has rotted my brain away.)