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  • I listened to almost all of Bush’s address to the nation tonight on the war in Iraq. Bush was very articulate for the most part and presented a decent case for action using the fact pattern he wants us to believe.

    If you trust everything the administration says, then I guess it is a slam dunk deal.

    I personally do not have that trust. Right now, I don’t want to say it is a “wag the dog” deal. It is certainly not on the level of what Clinton pulled when he bombed the Aspirin factory, but the political timing is at least suspect. But, that is really only in the back of my mind. I genuinely do think (or at least want to think) that Bush’s motives are good and that he has the nation’s best interest at heart.

    But I still think he is wrong. If there is credible proof (by that I want to see pictures, not just unverified statements that some informant supposedly told them) that there is a serious nuke or biological threat, then take that threat out. But don’t invade the country. During the last war, over 100,000 people died. This war I think will be worse. I just can’t see any justifiable reason to kill that many people.

    If the issue is regime change, then why aren’t we invading Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a much more repressive regime than IRaq. Or what about North Korea? Why aren’t we marching on Pyongyang right now? Or even China, who has the capability to launch nuclear armegeadon on every inch of our territory west of the Rockies?

    Maybe Bush means well, but his war is still wrong.

  • One thing that is sad to me is that none of the major broadcast networks except FOX ran the Presidential address. Bush as President deserved to have the chance to make his case to the American people, and the American people deserved to decide for themselves after hearing him. It’s too bad ABC, CBS and NBC don’t think so.