Politics and Policy:

  • Bush’s speech from last night and the news of today’s congressional debates keep coming to mind. War seems more and more like a tangible reality, and not just a ghost that haunts my thoughts and fears. I am already weary of thinking and worrying about it, but I can’t get it out of my mind so I’m going to vent a little bit. — I know many Americans (and even friends and family) see this war as inevitable and even neccesary, but I just can’t convince myself of that. Partly it is what one friend told me. My friend said that he could not support the war because he couldn’t stand the thought of Iraqi children crying over their dead fathers, and mothers crying for the dead sons and daughters. That describes my own feelings as well.

    If there is a genuine threat of Saddam possessing the means of using weapons of mass destruction (the key is, can he utilize them, not just does he possess the weapons themselves), then why not just hit those specific sites? To me it would seem like a much more humane solution and would result in much fewer casulties.

    But invading the country out right in a preemptive invasion? That strikes me as immoral and cowardly. Certainly waiting is a risk, but to me it is one worth taking. An invasion is guarranteed to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people, both soldiers and civilians. Most of those who would be killed would be good, honest people, who love their God and their familes. — Believe me, I have zero sympathy for Saddamm Hussein. In my opinion, he is one of the most evil men living today. But, he won’t be the one will suffer. He’ll likely escape harm altogether (as Bin Laden likely has done) but his people will suffer greatly.

    Try to tell yourself that these girls are expendable for America’s security…

    Teacher and 12 year old students at the Al-Khadihin School in Saddam City. One little girl at this school told us to tell the American children that “We are your friends!” December, 1999. Photo: Chuck Quilty.(from nonviolence.org/vitw

    I can’t do it. I can’t tell myself that these girls do not count. That is why I keep speaking against this war.