Law Blog Watch:

    Periodically I’m going to summarize what some of the other L-school bloggers are talking about, and maybe respond if I feel like it. (I got the idea from Gtexts. I doubt I will do it as well or as regularly as he does though.) OK, here goes…

  • Janeway is talking about ultra-competive folks in her L-school and the caddy way they treat people. (I’m glad I don’t go to her school. OCU certainly has some competive folks, but over all no one gets into as a personal thing, and most of us don’t even care about the competive angle.)
  • Suasponte is talking about the joys of L-school scheduling and other stuff in her life.
  • Andrew Raff’s blog is very interesting in its discussion of recent cases before the US Supremes and VCD pirates taking to the high seas to avoid criminal prosecution.
  • Garrett Moritz (one of my fav L-school blogs) is talking about the new LOTR movie (The Twin Towers), and if being anti-war is a “liberal” phenomenon.