Politics and Policy:

  • MSNBC: Mixed news on U.S. abortions
  • NY Times: The F.C.C.’s duty
      . . . By statute, good “character” is a requirement for holding a wireless license. Under F.C.C. rules, you don’t have to be a criminal to lack good character. Although character issues usually have involved radio or TV broadcasters, the F.C.C. has investigated wireless common carriers as well. For example, the F.C.C. refused to license a company that concealed the fact that it started building transmitter towers before the agency approved the construction.

      The F.C.C. authority in monitoring the conduct of its licensees should be brought to bear on the WorldCom case. At a minimum it should issue a “notice to show cause” that would require WorldCom to demonstrate why the agency should not revoke all of its licenses and certifications. . .

  • MSNBC: Bush targets a doubtful public — Support for action against Iraq tepid, declining In the short term, if Bush continues his march to war the public support with improve, but I think over the long haul this war could become very unpopular, especially if there are high casualities.