Politics and Policy:

  • NY Times/AP: FCC rejects merer of satellite TV rivals – a very good move for rural America.
  • Press Release: Congressman Paul calls for congressoinal declaration of war against Iraq
      . . . “Sadly, the leadership of both parties on the International Relations committee fails to understand that the Constitution requires a congressional declaration of war before our troops are sent into battle,” Paul continued. “One Republican member stated that the constitutional requirement that Congress declare war is an anachronism and should no longer be followed,” while a Democratic member said that a declaration of war would be ‘frivolous.’ I don’t think most Americans believe our Constitution is outdated or frivolous, and they expect Congress to follow it.”

      “When Congress issued clear declarations of war against Japan and Germany during World War II, the nation was committed and victory was achieved,” Paul concluded. “When Congress shirks its duty and avoids declaring war, as with Korea, and Vietnam, the nation is less committed and the goals are less clear. No lives should be lost in Iraq unless Congress expresses the clear will of the American people and votes yes or no on a declaration of war.”

    While don’t support war at all, I have to say that I appeciate Congressman Paul’s viewpoint (Paul is a former Libertarian Presidential candidate, and current Republican Congressman from Texas. I was proud to have him as my representative when I live in San Marcos.) If the US is going to do a stupid war like the eminent war against Iraq, the US should at least do the right thing and enact a lawful declaration of war.