Politics and Policy:

    Well it looks like the Oklahoma governor’s race might be a genuine race after all. Richardson’s new ads hit the airwaves this morning and my oh my…

    The ad starts with the cheezy Alan Jackson song (he writes more schmatlzy songs for the Nashville psuedo-country establishment than almost anyone else) “Where were you when the world stopped turning…” with scenes from the 9-11 attack.

    Then he cuts to map of the US that zooms into Idaho where then Congressman Steve Largent (now GOP governor candidate) was hunting. Then he cuts to yesterday’s interview where the KOKH-25 reporter asks Largent about his 9-11 absense, and says the question is “bulls***!” in a very angry tone of voice.

    (Daily Oklahoman story on the incident and Largent’s apology)

    I am very concerned about this incident. It is not so much the fact that Largent used an expletive (lots of folks do, including most of the Conservative types that he courts), but the fact that he did so in such a public fashion, and the fact that he seemed so out of control. It is one thing to say a bad word in private or even off-the-record. It is another thing to say it in a TV interview, especially when he must have known the question was coming.

    I can’t help but think this is Keating all over again. Remember Keatings remarks over the last 8 years (saying his response to the teacher’s union was “homicide,” insulting state legislators, etc.) that seemed so stupid and ill-thought. We don’t need another govenor who will say things like this.

    That said, sheesh! This race is a joke. You got Henry and Richardson both wanting to tax the poor and desperate with a lottery plus Richardson wants to give everyone free college tuition (a great idea, but how will we pay for it), sell the state lodges and do away with turnkpikes (another good idea down the road, but you gotta pay for them someway else… roads aren’t free.) And the Largent, he seems to be Keating II.

    Right now I think I’ll be casting a blank ballot for governor unless one of them does something to pull away from the pack of sucky candidateness.