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  • More Registered Greens Than Republicans in Berkeley and Arcata, CA
      Greens now #2 in Berkeley, CA

      The Green Party of Alameda County announced that they had officially overtaken the Republican Party in Berkeley, and is now second to the Democratic Party, based on voter registration data just released by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters.

      The Green Party had had steady increase with 4,538 registered members in Berkeley, while the Republican Party had 4,431, and is

      declining. The Green Party membership is about 7% of all registered voters in this city of 103,000. This marks the first time in which

      Green Party voter registration totals have exceeded Republican party totals for any city in this major county.

      Berkeley is the second city in California where the Green Party has overtaken the Republican Party in voter registration totals. In

      2000, the Humboldt County city of Arcata became the first city in the state to have more registered Greens than Republicans.


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    I think the Greens in Austin (or at least in Central and Southern Austin, and maybe even San Marcos) have the potential to someday match this feat if things continue the way they are goin now. Woohoo!!!