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  • MSNBC: Senator Paul Wellstone dies in plane crash — Democrat’s wife, daughter also among eight victims

    Incredibly sad news. I believe America has lost a great man. I don’t know about all of this positions (he is was Minnesota Senator) but I look up to him for voting against Bush’s idiotic war against Iraq (the only Democrat in a closely contested race this year to do so) and also for stand against the Bankruptcy “Reform” Bill. Here’s one excerpt from the MSNBC story that talks about this…

      Wellstone led crusades against bills he felt put average Americans at a disadvantage. He railed against still-to-be-enacted bankruptcy reforms that enjoy overwhelming support in Congress as benefiting only banks, credit card issuers, automobile finance companies and retailers at the expense of people who “now find themselves in brutal economic circumstances.”

      “Are single women with children deadbeats? This bill assumes that they are,” Wellstone said before voting against the Senate measure in July.”

    America will miss you Senator Wellstone. I hope the voters of Minnesota will remember your legacy and elect a successor who will stand up as you did for the oppressed of this nation and the world.