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  • MSNBC: Thousands protest against Iraq war

    I was wrong in my earlier post in criticizing MSNBC for not running a report at the time I wrote that. While they did not immediate coverage of today’s world-wide protests against the war in Iraq, they now (a few hours later) have published what looks like the most accurate and comprehensive report of what happened (read the coverage on Fox”News” to see the contrast)

    Here are some intersting excerpts from the MSNBC report…

      This paragraph was in a photo caption: Mehdi Ghezali, father of a 23-year-old Swedish citizen detained at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for nine months, holds a placard during an anti-U.S. demonstration in central Stockholm, Sweden, on Saturday.

    This father’s son is a prisoner of war, denied even the most basic of rights provided by the Geneva Convention to prisoners of War. This holding of the detainees is in itself a war crime, as it is a violation of the Geneva convention, which makes Bush, Rumsfeld, and the brass at the Pentagon war criminals. Of course, they’ll never face trial since America isn’t subject to international law anymore.

      THE WASHINGTON protest coincided with anti-war demonstrations from Augusta, Maine, to San Francisco and abroad from Rome and Berlin to Tokyo to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Mexico City. In Washington and many of the other demonstrations, protesters added complaints about U.S. policy toward the Palestinians.
      Protest organizers claimed up to 200,000 people had answered the call to challenge President Bush’s determination to force out Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Because the U.S. Park Police no longer issue crowd estimates, the size of the crowd could not be verified. As the march began, participants stretched for at least five city blocks.

    Five City blocks… that sounds like a lot more than what Fox”News”calls a disapointing showing of mere “hundreds” of protestors.

      New Englanders ventured out in snow, sleet and rain to join demonstrations in Maine and Vermont. Across the nation a couple thousand showed up at the Colorado capitol in downtown Denver, and demonstrators marched in San Francisco.

    Along with this, there were close to 200 in Oklahoma City, who knows how many in Austin, and thousands more in towns and villages across this great nation!

      In Berlin, crowds of people brandishing placards that declared “War on the imperialist war,” “Stop Bush’s campaign” and “No blood for oil,” along with a few Iraqi and Palestinian flags, converged on the downtown Alexanderplatz square and marched past the German Foreign Ministry.

      Police estimated that as many as 8,000 people took part in damp, windy weather, while organizers put the number at 30,000. No trouble was reported.

    At least 8,000 protested in Berlin. Read that again… at least 8,000 showed up in bad weather!!! The people of the world are speaking!!!

      Some 1,500 people turned out in Frankfurt and 500 more in Hamburg, according to police, while 1,500 rain-soaked demonstrators gathered under umbrellas outside the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, and more than 1,000 hit the streets in Stockholm, Sweden.

      Closely watched by police in anti-riot gear, a few thousand people marched in downtown Rome in a protest dominated by banners referring to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that also was attended by some opposition politicians.

      “We’re aware that war and terrorism feed each other,” Paolo Cento, a lawmaker for the Greens party, said of his opposition to a war against Iraq.

      In Baghdad itself, American anti-war activists protested in front of U.N. offices, urging the U.N. Security Council not to give Bush a blank check for war against Iraq. Six members of the Chicago-based Voices in the Wilderness raised banners including “Drop sanctions not bombs.”

      In Tokyo, about 300 Japanese staged a “peace walk,” holding up placards urging governments to “stop the war before it starts.”

    The world is speaking out and Americans are speaking out. We might be the minority in the US but more are changing their mind daily. Fox”News” and others who try to belittle this people’s movement are misguided at best and anti-democratic at worse.