• Here’s what I’m listening to today at work… (I should be working on the church bulletin right now instead of talking about music… )
  • Jackson Rubio Compilation – By the people for the people, the Lo-Fi Mixes — very old school Mid-Late Nineties music from when I first began to dig good acoustic music
  • They Might Be Giants – a mix CD of songs I dig of theirs, esp their classic “Birdhouse in your soul”
  • Bad Faces Clan Demo – the gritty country side project of Madison Greene bass player Bone.
  • The Crossing Standing Stones and In the Court of the King
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – yeah, yeah, yeah, Ska will never die!!!
  • One observation is worth noting… the Christian music scene as a whole is pretty dead. I didn’t realize how dead until a few days ago when I turned on KOKF (the local youth oriented Christian station). It was either garbage or it was something quality but three years old. There really is nothing that I can see in the scene that I dig, at least as far as what gets radio airplay. Even though I and tons of people always said “there shouldn’t be a seperate scene, yada yada yada” I have to say I miss those days of turning on the radio and finding stuff I like, and going to C-stone and being excited by all of the different bands.

    Don’t get me wrong, there were tons of good bands at the festival but most of the ones I really liked play no other Christian festivals besides C-stone. And when I look at the label rosters… sheesh… Tooth & Nail has Havalina and Joy E, but otherwise nothing interests me there.

    But heck, I’m pretty tired of rock music too. There’s some stuff in the indy vein that is good but as a whole I connect much more with Americana music. It seems more genuine to me, and expresses the full range of at least my emotions.

  • While I’m talking about Americana music, I never gave my review of the bands I heard at the Austin City Limits Festival.
    • The South Austin Jug Band – They were every bit as good as their name promised. Old-timey country banjo pickin’ music.
    • Gillian Welch – was even better than I expected and that’s saying a lot. She played with David (Rallings maybe, I don’t know how his last name is spelt, but my oh my that man can play the guitar). What I remember about her show the most was singing harmony with her (out in the audience, haha) on “I’ll Fly Away” and her smile. She has the prettiest smile I have seen in my life!
    • Nickel Creek exceeded what my excessive superlatives could describe. It was one of the most memorable concerts of my life. I like their albums a great deal but their live show was ten times better. — Highlights of the show included their cover of the Beatle’s “Tax Man” and also a song off their new album: “Spit on a stranger.”
    • And as I’ve already said here, but I’ll say again… half of the fun of the ACL festival was seeing genuine hippies again! It did my soul good. — There were of course some folks there who were not so cool (almost tempting me to discard my pacifist values in one case) but 99.9% of the folks there were wondeful people so I’ll choose to remember the good ones and pray the bad apples don’t come back next year.

    OK, back to that church bulletin . . . 😉