Social Justice:

  • The OKC rally against the War with Iraq was a tremendous success. I don’t know what the final numbers were, but there were 125 signatures on the anti-war petition. (I think were probably closer to 200 there.) The speakers included several pastors, State Representative Opio Toure, a man from the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, and the President of the OU chapter of Amnesty International. I was so blessed to get to be there. Thank you to Batch, Elderberry Bob, and of the others who organized it!
  • Emergency Oklahoma City Coalition Against the War with Iraq — the orgnanizers of today’s protest are now having protests at busy OKC intersections twice weekly!!!
  • Thus far the mainstream media coverage of the D.C. and world-wide protests are not very well done. Nothing at all from or the NY Times (I’ll give the times some leeway since they’ll probably have a story in tomorrow’s paper.) Here the stories I’ve found thus far….
    • Wash Post: Anti-war Activists rally in Washington
    • CNN: Global rallies protest possible US war on Iraq — Notice how this story downplays the protests in the US. Besides the major protests in D.C. and San Francisco, there dozens of the smaller local protests across the country, from Maine to Austin.
    • BBC: US Peace marches draw thousands — BBC places the number at 10,000 in D.C. I think that is a very, very low number.
    • NPR: Anti-War Protest in Washington Targets Iraq Debate (RealAudio)
    • FoxNews: Marchers Protest Iraq War Plans

      Fox News has given such a biased tilt on this story, I gotta quote this line of B.S. . . .

        WASHINGTON — Despite the lousy weather, hundreds of demonstrators flocked to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., Saturday for what organizers expected to be a loud but nonviolent protest march against President Bush’s pre-emptive war policies.

      Absolute garbage. I watched the coverage of the rally on C-span and there were thousands there, not hundreds. I could see that with my own eyes, and that was only the portion of the crowd that was within camera view.

      Final counts are still uncertain (I’ll post them once I find out something official) but there were at least tens of thousands, if not close to 100,000. (One source at says there were 200,000. Crowd estimating is a tricky thing, but if participants on the ground are saying there could be 200,000, then that means that there are more than mere ‘hundreds’) Fox News is an offense to all real journalists and has done a disservice to the American people and to our leaders who should know that many of us DO NOT SUPPORT THIS WAR! From now on, Fox News shoudn’t be called Fox”News” but rather Fox”SPIN.” or FoxPROPAGANDA.