Social Justice:

  • Today is a great day in American and in the world, as hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the street to protest Bush’s war in Iraq. If you are unable to take part in a protest locally, tune into C-SPAN1 to view the live coverage of the protest in Washington, D.C. or go online to to view the coverage live online. (I’m watching it right now at work. I am so moved by the thousands who rode buses and drove and walked to Washington to participate in this march.)
  • If you’re in Oklahoma City, come to the Peace In Iraq Rally & Picnic in OKC from 12-2 p.m. at Memorial Park on NW 36th St. & Classen Blvd. I’ll be there on my lunch hour and if you’re in OKC and reading this, I hope you’ll join me there.
  • If you’re in Austin get off your butt and head to the state capitol for the Austin against war rally from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • More anti-war information can be found at the websites of the D.C. protest organizers: and
  • Last of all, I gotta share an awesome story of creative protest action from
      Anti-War Students take direct action on TRL

      Friday October 11, 2002 @ 04:00 PM

      By: Staff

      With George Bush’s “with us or against us” attitude, there aren’t a whole lot of anti-war sentiments leaking through into the mainstream media. That’s why eight NYU students felt it necessary to crash MTV’s New York studios yesterday to make their voices heard.

      The eight students all secured tickets to a taping of MTV’s Total Request Live yesterday (October 10). Masquerading as regular pop-loving youngsters, the students arrived in two separate groups, with sweaters covering up their “No War On Iraq” T-shirts. They sat

      through a portion of the show, then one group of students tore off their sweaters and stormed the stage.

      “Can we have your attention, we have an urgent announcement,” protest organizer Jason Rowe called out as the MTV VJ was announcing an Eminem video.

      “We have to tell Congress to stop the war,” followed fellow protester Corey Eastwood.

      “We’re standing with people around the world against the war,” said student Luis Manriquez.

      The group were quickly whisked away by MTV security. Once they were gone, the second group of students attempted to make their move. NYU student Agatha Koprowski jumped up and yelled “Not in our name will you kill more people in an unjust war!”

      As the students were scuttled out, Fred Durst, the show’s guest, reportedly shot them dirty looks and scoffed at them. Apparently El Dursto can dish out faux youthful rebellion but he can’t take the real thing.

      The students were kicked out of the MTV building, but they weren’t arrested. Before launching their attack, the activists contacted a lawyer who told them that if they obtained proper tickets to the show and didn’t break anything they could not be charged for their

      outburst. MTV obviously were aware of this fact and did not call the police.